RVLT på Boxmarket

Mindet, Aarhus Havn


Street looks meet natural textures

We design with purpose, consciousness and attention to details. the product we create reflect us, our mental state of mind, movements, trends and cultures. Real People, Real lives.

The Autumn 2017 Collection features well-designed outerwear, versatile hoodies and beanies, and all come glazed with that unmistakable Scandinavian touch. Combining street looks of the moment and textures from nature, RVLT’s special collection is designed for those that wish to dress comfortably, stay warm and look effortlessly cool. Muted neutrals work in tandem with minimalist cuts. Vibrant details spruce up unexpected textures. With parkas, jumpers, checked shirts and coats of all stripes, the collection has an array of pieces that will bolster your style options and satisfy your layering needs as the temperature begins to drop.

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